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r1 engine advice
jlayton - 20/6/15 at 05:56 PM

hi I have blown my r1 5pw engine up badly and was just woundering would a 2004 5vy engine bolt straight in and could I use the throttle bodies of my 5pw to run it. and could I still use my ecu etc
any help would be great

gaz_gaz - 20/6/15 at 06:23 PM

The 5vy will not fit without alot of mods.
It was a totally new engine where the 5pw was very similar to the 4xv and 5jj just with fuel injection
The 5vy is larger and electrics are different. It'd be a whole new install

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jlayton - 20/6/15 at 06:34 PM

Ok thanks. I'm just have to sit patient and wait for a 5pw comes up

gaz_gaz - 20/6/15 at 06:50 PM

There is a 5pw on ebay for 800 or best offer. Seems reasonable but maybe a cheeky offer.

A word of warning. Do not under and circumstances be tempted by the 5pw being sold as rebuilt for 985ish.

The seller is an absolute crook. I bought a rebuilt 5jj from him that looked perfect. When it blew up first time at Cadwell park, strip down revealed none of the parts claimed to be fitted internally had been fitted. I did get a nice manual cam chain tensioner for my 800 though.

jlayton - 20/6/15 at 07:03 PM

funny you mention that I was ment to go and buy that 985 engine but he seemed very dodgy on the phone to be honest and wanted me to meet him in a park with cash loll and in talks with the chap who got the 1 up for 800 ono 580 he wants

gaz_gaz - 20/6/15 at 07:10 PM

Italian fella called Angello or Angelos. Super friendly and clearly knows his R1 motors when you speak to him on the phone.
Probably wants you too meet him near a park in Cambridge.
Name TEK may get mentioned. This happens to be a kebab van opposite the park. 100% avoid like the plague.

What you messing around for. Buy the 500 quid engine and get back on the road while the suns out. You'd pay not that much less for a bare 5jj.

jlayton - 20/6/15 at 07:18 PM

just bought it