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Hand brake
Hillview18 - 5/8/15 at 08:30 PM

Hi all got a hand brake problem replaced rear drums and shoes now the hand brake is non existent ,no mot any ideas .locust 7triumph herald running gear

adithorp - 5/8/15 at 09:16 PM

Put together wrongly or not adjusted properly.

Got any pictures to give us a clue.

Dusty - 6/8/15 at 11:38 AM

I would think adjustment assuming you have assembled it correctly. The shoe adjuster is a square post at 6 o'clock in the rear drum backplate. Triumph said jack up the rear wheels. Handbrake off. Press brake pedal a few times to centralise the shoes. Tighten the adjuster till the brake is locked on and you can't turn the wheel. Back off the adjuster by 180 degrees (two clicks/flats). New drums and shoes may need three clicks till they are bedded in, then returned to the two clicks 'off locked'.
Adjusting the handbrake cable is more complicated. Primary adjustment is at the base of the handbrake lever to get the relay lever which holds the compensator to the correct 15 degree angle toward the rear of the car. Then individual adjustment at the clevis's at each rear hub to take out any remaining slack in the cables. (Some pics of the herald/spitfire handbrake in my photo archive)

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britishtrident - 6/8/15 at 03:48 PM

Most likely reason is the handbrake cable is over tensioned.
First slacken the adjuster on the cable back until the cable is slack then adjust brake shoes at the wheels remembering to give the pedal a pump or to settle the wheel cylinders into their working position then adjust the brake shoes at the wheel again. Only then go onto re-adjust the handbrake cable.