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1300 crank in 1100 XFlow engine
1600Ghia - 29/11/18 at 06:55 PM

Can I put a 1300 crank with pistons into a 1100 Xflow engine - then add the 1300 cylinder head to make a 1300 engine. I have a combination of good and broken engines, any advice would help

rusty nuts - 29/11/18 at 07:11 PM

Block and I believe head are identical , crank will fit as well as 1300 pistons but probably not worth fitting used pistons IMHO . Double check main and big ed bearings aren't oversized on the outer diameter as Ford's sometimes used them to salvage blocks even from new

joneh - 29/11/18 at 07:55 PM

You'd need 1300 rods, as the 1100 had longer rods.

snapper - 29/11/18 at 08:35 PM

I thought blocks were longer
I only know the smaller engines had thicker pistons so you could increase compression by putting 1300 pistons in a 1600
Turbosports forum is the place to ask, it may be that your 1300 crank will foul the 1100 block

1600Ghia - 29/11/18 at 08:40 PM

Thanks Folks. I'll try it out next rainy day and report here. I'm new, could someone tell me where about on here I could find a bottom end 1600 XFlow for sale?

alfas - 1/12/18 at 03:30 PM

1100 / 1300 share the same block (ending AA)...thats why people selling a 1300 engine just by giving the casting code (ending AA) is not a 100% gurantee that its a real 1300 engine.

please compare the pistons, as you may be lucky increasing compression by using the orginal 1100 pistons in your new "1300".....