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Lola racecar build
whpracer - 28/12/16 at 08:30 PM

My name is Peter, I live in holland

Years ago I build a super seven race car ( must be on this forum some where), but after setting up my own business, mariage , kids i'ts finaly time to start building again

Have been following different builds on this forum for a while.
thought it is time to share my build.

Together with my racing buddy we are building a Lola t492 race car.
It won't be an exact copy, but our interpetation.

the original car has a Alloy monocoque and runs a 2.0 Ford Pinto engine.
Ours going to have a tube style chassis and a 1 UZFE toyota engine.

After looking at different options we decided on the Lola, mainly because we both hate GRP work.
and we didn't want te spend 2 years making a plug, molds and finaly a body.

The body was bougth in the UK from a firm called Equinox, it is taken form an original car.
The quality is OK, the fitting is "period" , good enough for a race car but not as nice a showcar.

From a very helpful britisch Lola owner ( Graham ) I got a drawing of the chassistub, So with that we begun with a clean workplace

after a day of hard work we ended up with this

to be continued

Mash - 28/12/16 at 09:53 PM

This is going to be lovely

Soooo jealous

alfas - 28/12/16 at 10:18 PM

interesting project. was the original one a sports2000 lola?

CosKev3 - 28/12/16 at 10:19 PM

this will be interesting

jeffw - 29/12/16 at 06:05 AM

Very interesting, always liked the 1970s Sports 2000 cars.

Ivan - 29/12/16 at 07:44 AM

Lovely - will follow with interest.

designer - 29/12/16 at 11:44 AM

The T492 was a good looking car.

Doctor Derek Doctors - 29/12/16 at 03:19 PM

Might be worth joining uphill racers forum, there is a very active member called Lolat492 who might be worth contacting for information on the original car.

Great project.

CNHSS1 - 29/12/16 at 06:53 PM

I suspect the Graham the Op referred to and the UHR owner Graham Laokes are one and the same Cal

Doctor Derek Doctors - 29/12/16 at 07:00 PM

Ah, I didn't know his name was Graham.

I live that body, going to do some research...

tims31 - 29/12/16 at 10:59 PM

Originally posted by Mash
This is going to be lovely

Soooo jealous

I'm already jealous of the workshop before looking at anything else.

whpracer - 31/12/16 at 10:49 AM

@ Derek, the body came from : lola t492 body

@ Tim, I'm Always looking for excuses to buy more tools

With the lower and upper chassisrails in place, we could put the body on

Couple of months back I bought a set of Compomotive wheels of a Westfield XTR, there a little bit rough, but with some sanding and a new coat of paint they will look good.

broom broom, look at me go

Jon doing his first fast lap !!!

The drive train is going to be a Lexus 1UZFE bolted to a Audi o1X 6 speed manual box
( witch we got for FREE from ERWE, many thanks )
so with a engine crane we lifted the engine in place

next year more

whpracer - 2/7/17 at 07:35 PM

after looking at the body laying on the chassis we discovered that our chassis is more wide than the body.

as can be seen on the pic below, the chassis sticks out after the front wheel

with the v8 power in mind, the chassis witch is to wide , we decided to build a new chassis, made out of 40mm & 45mm chome moly tube.

attack of the grinder

the start of the rear rollbar, This is made from 45mm crome moly tube.

measuring, looking & trying

Front and rear hoop in place

looks true

so far so good

Had the adapterplate machined out of 25mm aluminium

made a start with the front end of the car

not sure if i like it enough to stay

because we both had our doubts about the design of the front end we started with the rear.

making some room to work

diagonal in the back stay

decided we made the rear end removabel for easy engine mounting

thats it for now.

whpracer - 3/12/17 at 08:13 PM

Hi All, Update time

As said earlier, whe were not very happy with the front end design.
Manly beacuse of the pickup points of the lower wishbone's. We used the same geometrie as the original lola, but we are not very keen on getting a Lola limp after a crash.

het front had a discussion with the grinder

By by

after many hours of messing around with the suspension software ( ) we came up with this :

Bought a shiny new pedalbox

next will be the front uprights ( I hope )


whpracer - 3/12/17 at 08:15 PM

Update part 2

Now the new front end is in place, I could start designing and making the front uprights.

after some drawing we came up with this design, it is made out of Chrome Moly tube,

Checking over and over again, making sure it fits all within the wheels.

Cardbord template for the brake caliper

Fully welded with the axle stub in place

Left and Right done

brake mount welded in place

brake caliper mounted

all fits nice and snug in the wheel

CosKev3 - 3/12/17 at 08:20 PM

Awesome work,uprights look really good

What are you using top and bottom to attach to wishbones?

Lola limp made me chuckle,but at the same time wince!
is that a known phrase or something you made up?

whpracer - 3/12/17 at 10:01 PM

Originally posted by CosKev3
Awesome work,uprights look really good

What are you using top and bottom to attach to wishbones?

Lola limp made me chuckle,but at the same time wince!
is that a known phrase or something you made up?

Quoted from another site ( Another thing about the Lola is that it is the only car that has had a disease named after it! The “Lola limp” is a well known club with quite a few members and seems to have been due to the design of the tub and the suspension pick up points. The Lola tub is shallow and the driver tends to sit on rather than sit in the car – it is almost flat to look at. Other makes have deeper tubs that seem to offer much more side protection. In the Lola the driver sits quite far forward again placing the legs at risk. Finally the front top wishbones attach to the tub at a point which seems to make it quite prone to fold in on the legs if there is a big frontal impact )

I'v stolen the phrase