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Rivnut tool
Shooter63 - 15/8/20 at 04:55 PM

I'm looking to buy the above they seem to vary in price from " that looks a bit crap " to " kin hell that's a bit spendy " I won't need it a lot but would prefer it not to fall to bits after a couple of uses


Slimy38 - 15/8/20 at 05:10 PM

You can make one fairly easily, the mechanics tend to rely on using a thread to apply a pulling force rather than a turning force. The memfast rivnut tool is a good example of this. I did it with mine, although they were only m3 rivnuts so didn't need much force to set.

Have a look on youtube for diy rivnut tool to see a few examples.

snapper - 15/8/20 at 07:03 PM

The cheap ones will only do aluminium unless you you are a gym bunnie
Men fast is a good piece of kit then there are the air powered ones

FamilyGuy - 15/8/20 at 07:55 PM

I have one of the US Pro tools which does m3 to m6 rivnuts. It has been an excellent bit of kit but does require some force to properly secure m6 rivnuts. It's a well made bit of kit. -0/1?ff3=2&pub=5575376664&toolid=10044&campid=5338268676&customid=EAIaIQobChMI0o3U4Pyd6wIVBrDtCh08fgK-EAQYAyABEgK2CPD_BwE&lgeo=1&a mp;item=142491536166&srcrot=710-53481-19255-0&rvr_id=2557235871428&rvr_ts=f3a9298b1730a9e3924356d0fff56f45&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1& ul_noapp=true&pageci=b410bffe-ff5d-4a58-bc77-f45c2fa12dd5

I had one of the cheaper tools prior to this one which was cheaply made and rubbish.

loggyboy - 16/8/20 at 09:41 AM

I've been using the Laser 0979 for years with no major issues. Only 2 down sides - m3 mandrel is weak and breaks very easily, its not a fault as its naturally a small thread and the lever system is the same for all sizes, so its down to practice to pull the rivnut the right amount, but spare mandrels are fairly cheap, so its worth having spares of the m3 or your more common used ones just in case. The 2nd is the depth of the head makes it hard to use in confined spaces (ie adding adding a rivnut to the inside edge of a narrow part of the trans tunnel.)

jacko - 16/8/20 at 12:26 PM

Make one
All you need is a piece of tube the size of a bolt that fits the rivenut and a set of mole grips to hold the tube with
Put the bolt though the tube screw the rivnut on the bolt
The put the rivnut in a tight hole and tighten the bolt while holding the mole grips If you have a socket gun all the better

Ps this is what we use at work a lot except we welded a Handel on the tube instead of mole grips

David Jenkins - 16/8/20 at 01:39 PM

I used a cheap-and-cheerful tool for most of my rivnuts, but made a special one for the M8 ones.

Rivnut setting tool

Deckman001 - 16/8/20 at 10:38 PM

I've used a 'Lobster' one that we used to use at work, I kept it since last needed about twelve years ago and it still worked great during this last rebuild.
Where about are you? anyone near by could lend you one if needed maybe.


Shooter63 - 17/8/20 at 05:29 AM

Thanks for all the ideas, I think I'll knock some up on my lathe.


steve m - 17/8/20 at 03:49 PM

Ive only done a couple of Rivnuts, but I just used a piece of flat bar, with a hole drilled in one end smaller than the rivnut head
and ran a bolt down it, and tightened it up TIGHT

seemed to do the trick, and if the hole for the rivnut is tight, it did not spin


907 - 18/8/20 at 11:31 AM

Another vote for Mem-Fast.

I've used the M8 stainless rivnuts and it puts them in no problem.

I even had a customer request M4 screws to attach a can end as he didn't like the idea of drilling out rivets to re-pack.
!2 off 4mm rivnuts and the job was done and dusted.

One of the features of the tool is that the mandrel is just a high tensile allen bolt so easy to keep spares at hand.

Paul G