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postcode finder website required
steve m - 5/7/17 at 08:44 PM

Hi Guys

Does any one know of a web based, (preferably free), site, that can have post codes added maybe in a separate area and then compiled into a map, ?
This would then pinpoint on a map as to were about's they are all are but not joined up, as they would be in tyre

I currently work in a brand new car delivery place, and the way they do the logistics, as in drivers versus deliveries is archaic
and very wastefull in resources vesus time, and costs, and no doubt can be done an awful lot better


AdrianH - 5/7/17 at 09:16 PM

Why not try to use google maps, start with despatch point and then just enter initially all the other postcodes as places to pass through. Then swap ones around to suit a best route.


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gremlin1234 - 5/7/17 at 09:21 PM


steve m - 5/7/17 at 10:07 PM

Thanks guys, but batch geo, is a good one !!

we have used the google maps, but its cumbersome, , but thans anyway


tegwin - 5/7/17 at 10:21 PM

If you use something like this to convert postcodes into Lat and Long :

And then paste the list of lat longs into something like this:

If you wanted a "bespoke" system it would be possible to create a little applet that would do it all in one step....