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central heating question
theconrodkid - 11/7/19 at 06:46 AM

yea i know it,s the wrong time of year for all that but, i run my pump evey month or so to keep it running.
last night i switched the pimp on, pimp runs but the rads didnt get hot, no air came out of the bleed valves,
i can hear a gurgling so water is making an effort to get round.
strange thing, when it switched back to hot water only, the pump was still running ???.
dont know much about ch systems, mine has a gas boiler, tank and a 3 way valve....any ideas peeps ?

Schrodinger - 11/7/19 at 07:15 AM

Have you got a header tank in your loft? if so make sure it has water in it and the ball valve is working. Also make sure the exit from the tank is not blocked with crud.

ttalps2000 - 11/7/19 at 07:33 AM

3 way valve is probably stuck, usually there are some flats on the bottom of the shaft, try moving it with a spanner

theconrodkid - 11/7/19 at 11:13 AM

hupdate, took the leccy bit off, valve moves and water floweth again, looks like the motor is to screwfix it is then

ttalps2000 - 11/7/19 at 11:16 AM

my parents 3 way valve would pack up every summer! Was routine maintenance to change it before the winter each year!! Ripped it all out and put a combi in, issue solved!!

theconrodkid - 11/7/19 at 02:54 PM

got a new motor from screwfix (everything in my house seems to have come from screwfix) for 18...the joy is deep again
having done all that, Murphy,s law says it will be in the 70,s all through winter