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Author: Subject: V5 question - colour change and engine swap

posted on 4/2/19 at 09:49 AM Reply With Quote
V5 question - colour change and engine swap

Hi all

Iím considering changing the colour of my registered, road legal, Locost....I presume iíll have to notify DVLA, in some way?

In addition, when I eventually upgrade the engine, iíll need to inform DVLA, correct? And I assume inform them of the engine identification number?

With it being a kit car, I wasnít sure if these changes would result in another inspection or test being required?

Thanks a lot

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posted on 4/2/19 at 11:05 AM Reply With Quote
I've not done a colour change, but I've changed engines from a k-series to a duratec.

I needed a headed letter from a garage to verify the new engine number. I've got a good local garage so they did this for me.



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Mr Whippy

posted on 4/2/19 at 12:18 PM Reply With Quote
I'm somewhat known for changing car colours at the drop of a hat, just mark up the V5 and send it in

From past experience keep the colour simple, red, orange, green etc, as they have a list and if you put metallic vermilion for example you'll find the form arriving straight back unchanged asking for a standard colour.

If you go for something fancy such as zebra, camouflage or pictures of naked women (or men I don't judge...) just put multicoloured which is handy cos you can keep changing it and not bother doing the form again.

Mind to also tell your insurance who will just record it is non standard (never noticed any increase in cost)

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