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Author: Subject: Registration Process

posted on 24/2/19 at 10:16 PM Reply With Quote
Registration Process

Has anyone recently done the registration process? Have I got this right? I`ll be looking at a Q plate.

Form V55/4 to register a new vehicle (kit cars) I have downloaded this from DVLA. It used to be a carbonated form only available by post but I guess not any more? Others mention form V55/5 but that doesn`t mention kit cars?
Form V627 Built up vehicle report showing where main components sourced from
IVA certificate
Copies of ID docs such as passport, driving licence
Copy of utility bill
Insurance certificate
Originals receipts (covering the components on the V627). These include an invoice from Tiger with the chassis number on at time of purchase
Cheque for the amount of 55 plus I assume the amount of tax for my year 1989 engine so being over 1549cc it`s either 140.25 (6 mths) or 255 for 12 mths? Is that right even though technically it`s a new car registered after April 2017?

On the V55/4 it asks for Co2. This isn`t specified on my IVA certificate so do I just leave this box blank? I did the Basic Emissions Test to get below 3.5% Co2 and 1200 Hc/ppm.

Not as straight forward as I thought it would be......

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posted on 21/3/19 at 10:31 PM Reply With Quote
As an update to the above I sent all of the above paperwork together with a cover letter to DVLA Kit`s & Rebuilds Dep`t on 2/3/19 by recorded delivery. On 6/3/19 I received a phone call from a lady saying she was going through my application to register the car. I was amazed how quick this was. She was really helpful, asked a few questions and keen to get the application processed. Today I received all of my original receipts back in the post and a letter confirming the car`s registration number. I have just ordered my number plates so I can take it out from 1st April. The best bit is that DVLA have issued me a `19` plate too which I wasn`t expecting. Bonus!
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posted on 29/3/19 at 11:52 AM Reply With Quote
Hi Snippy,

I passed IVA last week and I'm now looking to register the car. Did you just send your forms to kits and rebuilds at the standard DVLA address in Swansea? On the 627 form what did you put in the box for serial numbers for the parts used. Most parts don't have a serial number?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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posted on 29/3/19 at 09:13 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Chris,
First of all congrats on your IVA pass! It`s a big milestone to get past. I sent all of my registration application/papers by recorded delivery to Kits & Rebuilds Section, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1ZZ. I didn`t put anything in the Serial/ID number section. Like you say they are not always available. In the origin section I just wrote `new` where any of the major components were purchased new. Good luck with it all.

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posted on 1/4/19 at 02:23 PM Reply With Quote
Afternoon, congrats on IVA pass, can I ask what documents do you need to send off with the IVA application, the application form doesn't really specify, cheers
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posted on 1/4/19 at 06:53 PM Reply With Quote
You can now submit everything on line via the DVSA portal `Technical Application system` at All of your forms need completing and then saving and then simply upload all documents to the portal.
I filled out the IVA 1c application form, IVA 4 Amateur build declaration, copies of lots of receipts covering all of the main components and chassis number from manufacturer, evidence/letter re proof of engine age if you need this. On each receipt you must write on it "certified copy" and sign each too. I also sent about 30 photo`s of the build showing the main components once fitted.
They now have a service level agreement to give you a test date within 4 weeks of you submitting your application so make sure you are almost finished with the build. I could of have had a test 2 weeks later but went for the 4 weeks to give me a bit more time.

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