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Goodwood FOS Virgin
COREdevelopments - 17/1/19 at 01:56 PM

Hey All.
I am a FOS virgin and would like to book FOS asap but would like some advice from anyone who has been before. Its an expensive day out and would like to know if the Grandstand tickets are worth the money? We will be going on the Sunday & would like to see the Hillclimb, but can this be viewed without a Grandstand ticket? Also we plan to do a week in Isle of Wight in our camper the week of FOS so would be travelling to Goodwood on the sat. Which leads me to my final question, are there any good campsite close to Goodwood?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



nick205 - 17/1/19 at 02:53 PM

We went to the 2nd FOS many years ago - great day out.

We didn't have grandstand tickets and weren't really that focused on watching the hill climb. I'm sure others who've been can recommend in this respect.

My father in law lives down that way and I know the traffic in the area is very heavy around the event. Whilst I can't recommend a campsite I'd strongly suggest booking one in good time to ensure you get a pitch!

theconrodkid - 17/1/19 at 03:36 PM

been a couple of times, my advice is dont get a grandstand seat, walk around and see the action from many places up the hill and around the start / paddock area, a good pair of boots, take your own food n drink and get there well early as traffic is hell but you will enjoy yourself....oh and dont forget where you park or you will wander around for hours at the end of the day like i did once .

loggyboy - 17/1/19 at 04:05 PM

Went a few years back a couple of times when you could get in free on a friday with a voucher. Sadly its now an expensive day with weekend tickets costing as much as an F1 weekend. However there is loads on offer to see and I would say grandstand tickets would be pointless as everything is so spread out - especially the rally stage which is all on foot.

jps - 17/1/19 at 05:05 PM

There's been very similar threads in previous years. I've been about 4 times I think over the years. My tip is get there first thing (I've been there as it opens on the Friday - it's nice to walk around for the first hour or so seeing things you just won't when it's packed full later in the day. (Like seeing a Ferrari mechanic towelling down the massive Ferrari transporter after it has been washed, while the rest of his mates stood there drinking espresso from Ferrari espresso cups!). Plus driving in early (i.e. 6-7am) may mean you are driving in with cars arriving for the event, first year I went I followed a D-type jag the last few miles.

There were open (no cost) grandstands when I went the first couple of times - not sure about now (I last went in '17) because as mentioned above, there's so much to see watching stuff go up the hill is not that interesting. If you must see cars moving there are good views from the grass banking towards the top of the course.

Rally stage well worth a look.

jps - 17/1/19 at 05:17 PM

Oh - and I would say don't go on the Sunday - things you wanted to see may have been pranged earlier in the weekend! In my experience ther vast majority of the cars are there Fri-Sun, it's just the more high profile drivers who are there only on the Sunday.

COREdevelopments - 17/1/19 at 05:31 PM

Thanks for the replies & info guys. think that's settled, won't bother with grandstands. Hopefully be able to get there early as we will be camping local. Been putting it off for years.



mark chandler - 17/1/19 at 09:14 PM

And I have been maybe 5 times, originally on the free Friday tickets and would definitely buy the grandstand tickets, getting buried in the in the 10 deep trying to peer over heads is rubbish, stands you sit on tiers and have cover from sun and rain.

steve m - 18/1/19 at 05:29 PM

If I was to go again, I would take a step ladder !!

rufus357 - 18/1/19 at 08:28 PM

basically you can view the hill climb from lots of places - top tip - take a small folding step and then you can go to the best viewing spots which will be 3 people deep and see over everyones' heads no problem!