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Tiptop help needed
watsonpj - 20/11/19 at 10:16 PM

My wife's 2010 mini has started cutting out when driving but it can then be started again straight away. It happens when cold only and when slowing down and there are no errors showing on the dash or when read of the port. The only light that comes on is for the stop start cannot restart and must be done manually.

Another unrelated thing (I think) is that when braking the clutch pedal has started moving down aswell. This doesn't happen all the time but it's enough to feel it moving away from your foot. I had a look and it's been in the garage but can't find the cause. Anyone got any ideas.
Thanks Pete

obfripper - 20/11/19 at 11:15 PM

Diesel? Possible egr valve fault?

I've not experienced the clutch dropping in a mini, but have on multiple vag group diesels, the input shaft bearings work loose and the thrust from the gears pull the clutch plate under acceleration and push it on overrun.
On the vag vehicles, catching it early gives a good chance of repair and if left can require an entire gearbox casing or worse.
It should be easy to feel by coasting in gear with the clutch slightly depressed, then accelerating and coasting in turn, if the bearings are moving, the clutch pedal will push back and drop away in turn.


watsonpj - 20/11/19 at 11:43 PM

No its a petrol.

I'll.have a closer look at the pedal box see if I can see if anything looks damaged or worn. The faults intermittent so I've never been able to recreate it when stationary

Not really noticed any strange clutch pedal changes apart from when the brake is pressed

nick205 - 21/11/19 at 09:43 AM

No experience with Minis, but I know some cars (SWMBOs 2007 VW Touran for example) use the same fluid for brakes and hydraulic clutches. If the clutch pedal is moving unexpectedly when braking and the car has the aforementioned dual use fluid it may be an issue. At 2010 (9 years old) the car should probably have it's brake/clutch fluid renewed anyway so it may be worth you or a garage investigating.

Does the car brake as expected?

Do the brakes need any attention - pads, discs etc?

Grimsdale - 21/11/19 at 09:59 AM


I had the same stop/no start issue on my golf, and it turned out to be the battery - it was getting tired and was only capable at charging at 10% of its design capacity. The start stop system stopped the engine because it should have been charged enough, but then wouldn't automatically restart, presumably because it detected to low volts with the engine off (and therefore no alternator input). Like yours, it would restart manually.

Fortunately for me the battery was replaced under warranty as i'd only recently got the car. No recurrence of the issue.


obfripper - 21/11/19 at 01:35 PM

Could be clogged vanos actuators, or a fault with the valvetronic actuator (if fitted to your model, close to changeover on age), both can occur without any codes being logged.


watsonpj - 21/11/19 at 11:44 PM

thanks all some things to investigate

cheers Peet