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Removing tile adhesive from chipboard floor??
number-1 - 28/11/19 at 03:25 PM

Has anyone got any ideas how to remove floor tile adhesive from chipboard floors (welll, it looks like chipboard......the house was built in 1980)? Im redoing the bathroom and removed the floor tiles but getting the adhesive up is a nightmare!

I was thinking of replacing the floor as its only a small bathroom but cant see the nails as the entire floor is covered in adhesive. Plus the rad/water pipes are cut into the existing floor......and it looks like the flooring goes under the stud wall into the bedroom.

Ive spent a couple of hours on my knees with a cold chisel and wood chisel tapping away and it comes up real real slow in tiny pieces with a few mm of the board.

Any genius ideas??

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snapper - 28/11/19 at 04:13 PM

A useful tool is an oscillating cutting tool which has a drop blade thatíll cut most of it off followed by a heavy grit sander.
I just cut out the boards and replaced them then covered the lot with thin marine ply

Benzine - 28/11/19 at 04:15 PM

If you're getting rid of the floor anyway then I'd be getting a large crowbar and a woodsaw out and attack it. Start in the middle and as soon as you've got a decent size hole then work your way out towards the edges of the room.

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nick205 - 28/11/19 at 05:03 PM

I think I'd favour cutting the chip board floor out and repalcing it with new clean chip board or ply wood. When we converted our garage recently we added a shower room. New chip board floor with hard board to cover then tiled over the hardboard. If the tiles come off so will the hard board so we can have clean chip board underneath. From experience removing tile adhesive is a PITA and I've always found a less hassle way around it.

John P - 29/11/19 at 01:00 PM

Not sure about doing this on chipboard but I've found a wallpaper steamer worked well on some walls I'd removed the tiles from.

It effectively softened the adhesive to the point where it was easy to scrape off.

May not work for floor tile adhesive but possibly worth a try.


macc man - 1/12/19 at 08:33 PM

I fit bathrooms and always replace chipboard with plywood or cement board. If yo don't mind raising the height you could overboard with 6mm cement board using cement based adhesive over the existing floor and screwing down the boards.

number-1 - 30/12/19 at 10:22 PM

Thanks for the replies chaps.

I ended up ripping the entire floor up! Jesus.....what a faff. The T and G flooring went under the stud walls! I replaced with T and G flooring with a thin layer of ply on top.