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Author: Subject: MX5 NA Questions

posted on 30/3/19 at 11:40 AM Reply With Quote
MX5 NA Questions

Hello Brains trust,

I am working on a concept and I have some questions regarding Mazda MX5 suspension

- Front upper ball joint, the vehicle uses a push in ball joint, is there a ball joint (that fits) that has some adjustment, link this one ( or a bolt in unit, or something similar.

- Control arm weight
I am looking at using the MX5 control arms (front and rear), does anyone know the weight of these components??

- MX5 Steering Column & i shaft spline - does anyone know the details??

- Escort Mk2 steering rack - what is the spline detail?

My thinking is to utilise MX5 suspension components, if people have ideas on arms, mounting, adjustment, etc it would be greatly appreciated.


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posted on 5/4/19 at 07:57 AM Reply With Quote
On the standard setup camber (and I believe caster) are altered by turning the cam-like lower inner bolts, which I guess will give you similar adjustment to a top joint as you describe.
I'm not an expert, just happen to have had a front subframe (impulse purchase!) sitting in my garage for longer than I car to remember!

This may be useful to explain in better:

Not sure how heavy the arms themselves are, don't imagine too bad being hollow pressed steel, but the whole subframe assembly is a struggle to move about single handed!

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posted on 5/4/19 at 08:02 AM Reply With Quote
Pic here:

These seem quite reasonable, no mention of weight though...

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