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Modifying Seats
Mark Allanson - 17/5/03 at 05:48 PM

There are some really nice seats available, but they are all about 2" too wide - what are the frames made off? and with a bit of enginuity could these be cut and shut to make them fit?
I was thinking of Forza, or Cobra Clubmans etc


Viper - 17/5/03 at 06:42 PM

Never thought of making your own?

paulbeyer - 17/5/03 at 08:09 PM


I have Hicosts old Cobra seats and they are about 2 inches too wide. I have stripped one completely and made it narrower by squeezing the lower frame with 2 sash clamps and done a cut and shut at the top with a hack saw and mig welder. The frame is a tubular and square section mild steel jobbie and real easy to work with. The whole lot is covered in foam and I am going to finish them in black vinyl with blue alcantara inserts. I also bought some new harness slots from Cobra. They are a silver tear drop shape to replace the original black square ones. It is impossible to get the old harness slots out without breaking them.
I have tried to insert pictures in my messages but never had any success. I'll try again but don't hold your breath.

paulbeyer - 17/5/03 at 09:17 PM


Just come back in from the garage with digi cam in hand. Take a look at my photo archive, I have uploaded a few pictures of my seat frame and harness slots.

Mark Allanson - 17/5/03 at 10:27 PM

Spot on, thanks for taking the time. I will try to get some seats and modify them to fit.

thanks again

paulbeyer - 18/5/03 at 08:20 PM

No worries Mark, glad to be of service.