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Honda CBR954rr with everything to run.
Neville Jones - 2/8/16 at 09:25 AM

I've got a cbr954rr engine complete for sale.

Bought it ten years ago and it sits in the shed waiting for a purpose, which won't now come due to sudden change in marital status.

The engine comes with exhaust and inlets/injectors and airbox.

USA Wiring loom and USA ECM included, with a wiring diagram for installation in a kit locost or whatever. No special key or transponder needed, just plain toggle switches.

1150 or good offer.


Trrade??? I wish. I'm about to get my truck licence again and drive long distance.

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mad-butcher - 3/8/16 at 07:18 AM

Are you talking the original bike exhaust or dedicated exhaust system to fit in a 7

Neville Jones - 3/8/16 at 10:58 AM

Exhaust is as taken from the bike. Not too difficult to modify and use on a 7 though.

An exhaust to fit this in a car would cost more than half of what I'm asking.

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Neville Jones - 19/11/16 at 04:43 PM


I'm open to offers on this now, just need it out of the shed.

Delivery is 75 on a pallet.