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OT - quiet & smallish PC case
mcerd1 - 9/4/14 at 07:33 AM

I'm looking for a new case to tidy up my desktop ideally one thats quiet, but not stupidly expensive

it would also help if it was fairly small on plan (i.e. the height doesn't matter) about 400mm front to back would be ideal

it need to fit a full ATX board (or bigger), have at least two 5.25" bays and two or three 3.5" bays, and enough space for 300mm long graphics cards

any ideas ?


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Not Anumber - 10/4/14 at 07:51 AM

sound level is more to do with the psu than the case.

Any cheapo case you like the look of will do the job so long as it will take a full size ATX board. Ensure you buy a decent quiet psu with as many Watts output as you can and with the largest diameter, slowest running fan.

Peteff - 10/4/14 at 08:48 AM

Don't bother with a case fan, the psu and processor fan will keep it cool enough if it is not a gaming machine with a massive graphics card.

mcerd1 - 10/4/14 at 09:03 AM

already got that sorted on both counts

I fitted sound deadening panels on one of my old cases and that helped
but some cases are just too cheap and nasty, with very thin steel and side panels that don't fit right - so if you start with something like that you'll never get it quiet

I guess I could reword the question as a small & solidly built case....