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O/T 99 Passat estate - water in rear footwell
Humbug - 19/8/09 at 09:19 PM

It's a 1999 V reg Passat estate and after noticing musty smells for a while I discovered the rear driver's side footwell full of water (about an inch or more). I Googled it and found information referring to rear passenger side footwell and found that, as indicated, the battery area under the bonnet had several inches of water, which can then run down some channel into the inside of the car. I cleared out the drain holes and empited the water out.

I pulled the carpet up and spent a day with a fan heater drying out the footwell. Now (about a week later) I though I would just check the carpet and found it wet again - not as bad as it was originally, but definitely water, not just damp carpet.

Anyone come across this or got any thoughts? Or anyone got the relevant Haynes manual pages that show whre the water might be running done that I could check out?



givemethebighammer - 19/8/09 at 09:30 PM

I seem to remember I had a similar issue with a Seat Alhambra, turned out a join in the the pipe to the rear washer had come apart under the carpet.

My friend also had a similar issue with a Golf GTI, turned out to be a blocked sunroof drain tube (they run down the door pillar and out of the bottom of the car.

Couple of ideas to consider

iceman26 - 19/8/09 at 09:31 PM

it come in from around the pollen filter houseing remove and reseal uyou should dry out comtrol unit under carpet in front foot wells or you will have lots of problems

Agriv8 - 19/8/09 at 09:43 PM


Cause and affect ( happened on my R-reg estate). There is a second bulk head (that separates the wiper motor batery ecu box ect ect from the main engine bay.

As you know this bulk head has two drains left and right that drain to the rear of the undertray. These get blocked with rotting leaves and this will then fill the second bulkhead with water. On mine it started to seap into the drivers area through the seal for the ECU on the Drivers side it then goes to the rear as it is lower than the front.

Took some finding as it was dependant on direction of rain and if the drivers side was lower than the passengers.

PS Ignore at your peril as the main dash to car loom connection is behing the pannel just to the right of the acelerator - This will cause all sorts of issues if it starts geting corosion on the connectors.

I resealed arround the ecu box with silicone and where the wires for the Ecu go into the cabin and had no further issues



DarrenW - 20/8/09 at 07:19 AM

Agriv8's descriptions sounds very plausible. My first thought was sunroof drain tube as well. I think you can clear these with careful use of airline. Always worth checking the drain holes in bottom of doors too while you are on in case the doors are filling with water.

oldtimer - 20/8/09 at 10:13 AM

Mine came in there when the plastic sheeting in the door perished.

whitestu - 20/8/09 at 10:41 AM

I had this on my 04 passatt estate when it was new. It turned out to be the aircon venting into the car.


Humbug - 20/8/09 at 12:19 PM

THanks for the suggestions.

I have already emptied the well under the bonnet.

No sunroof, so it's not that.

Will check under the front carpet to see if it's still getting in there

Will check door drain hole

Will check rear washer pipe (don't think it's that though)

I will also put the front on ramps to see if more water runs to the back - when I dried it out before the car was on a slight incline pointing front down, so it could just be some residual water running to the back when in use.