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MOTs in Nottingham
cadebytiger - 12/8/06 at 11:32 AM

Sorry this is a bit OT. but does anyone know a good MOT test centre in nottingham which the little lady can take her VW to?

She does not want to get her shirt lifted as it were.

Thanks again


Humbug - 12/8/06 at 12:13 PM

I read on a post here some time ago that a good wheeze to get an unbiased test was to go to the local council testing station, that they use for buses, etc. They have to allow members of the public to book tests as well, but they don't do repairs, so it should be a kosher test.

Downside is that if they find anything, you don't have the option of getting them to fix it.

Markp - 12/8/06 at 05:48 PM

Where abouts in Nottingham are you looking for? I know a good place in Beeston.

ATB Mark

spunky - 12/8/06 at 06:03 PM

The place I use in Newark are very fair, and good rates for work carried out.


cadebytiger - 12/8/06 at 08:04 PM

we are right in the middle so beeson or anywere really is gettable to.



Markp - 13/8/06 at 05:11 PM

If Beeston is good then

J&B Auto
Grove Avenue


very fair, I've never had a problem

ATB Mark