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Author: Subject: Car Paint Repair Questions

posted on 27/2/14 at 06:02 PM Reply With Quote
Car Paint Repair Questions

On the way back from work today I noticed quite a big scratch in my bonnet and as it's the first car I've had that's actually worth enough to car about I am looking to get it repaired. As I've never had anything like this repaired in the past I was wondering if someone could let me know how much it should cost me to fix? Also would a Halfords paint repair pen set be any good for this? From my research I've found that they actually seem to be alright, but as I've never used one before I would prefer some more opinions on them.

Below are a couple of pictures of the damage (I have no idea how this happened, but the car is parked on the street so I'm not sure if someone was decided to slide across my bonnet or if someone dropped something on my bonnet when I got the car serviced on Tuesday):

The top scratch is through to the metal and the bottom one is through to the primer, there is also a scuff to the right of it but I think this should T-cut out.

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Mark Allanson

posted on 27/2/14 at 06:13 PM Reply With Quote
My job is pricing up bodywork damage, I cannot tell if the car is white or silver.

If solid colour (COB) then around 200+vat for a good job or 350+vat for a metallic which would include wing blends. Allow a little more for main dealer prices, anything less then you need to question the quality of work.

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posted on 27/2/14 at 06:17 PM Reply With Quote
Sorry, it's a Candy White coloured Golf like this one:

Thanks for the reply Mark, I've emailed a few companies and I now have a figure to work from.

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posted on 27/2/14 at 09:17 PM Reply With Quote
180-220 would be average I think.


David Johnson

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posted on 28/2/14 at 09:05 AM Reply With Quote
LOCOST SITE ,,,,, repair pen ,, how many times have you seen a faded panel few month after repair ,,,
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posted on 28/2/14 at 10:06 AM Reply With Quote
If you are looking to be locost, have a look at a chipex kit. They are much better than your average touch up pen. If your careful with a chipex, a bit of wet sanding and a polish you can have it looking much better and near invisible unless you really look for it.
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posted on 28/2/14 at 04:17 PM Reply With Quote
Something considerably deeper and more extensive than that we just had done, immaculately with a 5 year warranty, for 150 on metallic silver.

I was quoted 350 for a crushed rear wing, scraped through to the bone and rusting, in plain white. Again guaranteed, from a different shop.

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NS Dev

posted on 28/2/14 at 06:37 PM Reply With Quote
Interesting, sounds too cheap to me. Big insurance recommended repair centre down the road from us here do this sort of work on a "tight"budget, and offer usual insurance company warranty, but its a joke, most of their work is appallingly bad and most should be rejected at the door let alone 5 years later, but most people don't check it very well so they get away with it.............

Their bonus system works on completing jobs in under the thatcham times, which are stupidly tight anyway....sounds great for quality standards!!!

I'd say a little under Mark's prices if we were doing it, but not much. Bear in mind the cost of good basecoat and lacquers

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