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Author: Subject: Wanted: Raceleda Sierra Uprights

posted on 24/4/15 at 06:55 AM Reply With Quote
Wanted: Raceleda Sierra Uprights

I'm looking to get rid of the fugly cast Sierra uprights and I was wondering if anyone had any Raceleda Sierra uprights lying around they are looking to get rid of?

I've considered using some Cortina uprights from Rally design but it will require a new top wishbone and steering rack extensions so I'm trying to avoid that.

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posted on 24/4/15 at 07:45 AM Reply With Quote
Sorry I dont have any but it might be worth taking a bit of pain now to future proof your vehicle, if you manage to find a set of RaceLeada Sierra uprights but then knacker/break an upright will you be able to find another? If you change the wishbone to use RD Cortina Geo version you will always be able to get spares.

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posted on 24/4/15 at 09:05 AM Reply With Quote
Yeah I have considered that but was hoping for a cheap quick fix for the first year of the car being on the road.

I have plans to change from 16" to 13" wheels (will require a redesign of rear wishbones to fit), a set of Willwoods to replace the Sierra disks/drums and replacement uprights which going Cortina will be the ultimate goal for exactly the reason you say, but will then require the new front wishbone/steering rack extension.

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