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Interesting article
splitrivet - 16/12/13 at 08:11 PM

Anyone into reverse trikes mind find this linky interesting.
Hoping to start my Morgan copy build as soon as Ive finished building my ring roller.

maccmike - 16/12/13 at 08:52 PM

cheers pal

steve m - 16/12/13 at 10:13 PM

sorry, guys, but the 3 wheel invalid carriages bit was not very interesting

But the link on the side about the eagle E-types, WOW

I NEED one of those !!

SPYDER - 17/12/13 at 10:33 AM

They missed a couple...

Smoking Frog - 17/12/13 at 11:20 AM

Some of those are beginning to make sense, not quite there yet for me. Interesting enough though.

The Venom Project - 28/12/13 at 06:32 PM

I have one of the MEV ones, I love it, it does a silly 0-74 in first gear in about 3.5 secs on a warm tire, it handles as well as any car I have driven, it carries two people in comfort for 200 miles between fill ups, It tow's my currently camping trailer, soon to be Teardrop caravan once I have built it.

It will rattle on up to about 140 MPH (If you are brave enough) I am not.....

It will cruise around all day in 6th at 40 MPH, and is a pleasure to drive.

It's currently under going winter mods.

I know one thing for sure, when I get a warm day, it's my trike I choose over my bike.

Sure I can't go through traffic like on my bike, but I only have to wear a T shirt and shorts and a pair of sunglasses to drive it.

I have so far done about 2500 miles since its MSVA back in 2012, I fitted budget tires all round (no point in scrubbing in expensive ones whilst tracking etc)

To be honest for me, they grip fine, I have blasted it around Curborough on 2 years of Track Days, and its great fun.