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Reverse Trike build Question
lamberhurst - 9/12/15 at 05:18 PM

Hi Folks

I have a FWD reverse trike project on route using Classic Mini hubs, I'm using the Mini hubs as I have a chain drive diff using Mini internals.

What I need is a way of attaching the hubs to my existing wishbones, or maybe some aftermarket wishbones?

All that is important is to be able to use the top, and bottom Mini flavor ball-joints to hook up too.

I have though of using the Ball joint end of this Mini adjustable lower arm, but as I will need 4 of them it's getting a bit expensive!

Classic Mini Adjustable Camber Lower Arms INCLUDING Polyflex Bushes bottom race

Does anyone know of anything else that can suspend Mini hubs?


JC - 9/12/15 at 10:15 PM

You need to machine some tapered bushes, as per the Terrapin, to fit the taper on the mini ball joints. Either that, or modify the upright to take a rose joint. Google Terrapins and you will see these methods in more detail!


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minitici - 10/12/15 at 08:41 AM

You can also machine the tapered pins of Mini top & bottom ball joints to parallel, machine the ball end flat and fit a spacer between the hub and the pin.

You now have a fixed pin which can use conventional spherical joints on your wishbones.

As you have taken off some material from the pin it would be slightly weaker and you would need to ensure a radius was formed to avoid the possibility of cracking at the machined step.

lamberhurst - 10/12/15 at 11:34 AM

Thanks Chaps

After a good wade about online I found examples of the modified ball joint to accept the rose joint, and also learned that I need to ask my tame engineer if he has a 7 degree taper reamer if I'm going to get something fabricated.

Again, many thanks