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WTD: 2.0 pinto (from a Sierra) - West Yorks
indykid - 1/7/18 at 08:58 PM

Evening all,

Following the purchase of a 2 litre pinto that turned out to be low compression transit spec, I'm on the lookout for a 2 litre pinto from a Sierra as a stop gap upgrade for the 1.6 pinto before I eventually MX5 engine the Indy. It's my dad's 60th this year and thought it'd be good to give him something a bit more spritely when he gets the car for the day on his birthday.

I took a punt on the first engine based on the ford forum wisdom that a 205 block had high compression pistons, alas, wikipedia knows better. This one only makes 10hp more than the 1.6 in standard trim! Not sure what it'd make with the fireblade carbs swapped across, but I'd rather not go to the trouble to be disappointed.

Before I source some used high compression pistons and a 2litre cam to massage more cash into this engine, does anyone have a 205 block sierra engine with injection head sat under a bench looking for an opportunity to live on? Ideally in west yorkshire/lancashire, but I'd maybe travel a bit further for something nice.

According to wikipedia, engine codes :N4, NRD, N4B, NRB, NR2, N4A, N4I (engine code is stamped on the second boss up on the gearbox flange on the exhaust side)


mcerd1 - 1/7/18 at 09:24 PM

Originally posted by indykid
According to wikipedia, engine codes :N4, NRD, N4B, NRB, NR2, N4A, N4I (engine code is

Granada ones are basically identical to sierra ones: EFI versions have codes NRA, NRC, NRI

I've probably got enough parts to build one - but i don't think thats not quite what your looking for...

also don't get to hung up on the 205 block, if your not adding a turbo / boring it out to a 2.1+ it doesn' t matter
the efi head is a little better than the carb'd one - but not nearly as good as an half decent ported head

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melly-g - 1/7/18 at 09:58 PM

I've got exactly what you are asking for sitting in my garage!
2.0 pinto, 205 block, injection head, vernia Cam pulley, twin 40 webers, lumenition ignition in an h&h distributor.
Had it rolling road tested it made about 130Bhp. Got the read out somewhere.
I have been humming and harring whether to sell it or not but I think it's got to go.
The only problem is I'm right down in Norfolk!
Let me know what you think.

indykid - 2/7/18 at 01:07 PM

Thanks both for your help.

King's Lynn's quite a bit further than the bit further I was thinking Richard, unless you had a very keen price in mind!

melly-g - 2/7/18 at 05:38 PM

Depends what you call keen!