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kawasaki zx1200r engine breaking
swanntech - 17/2/19 at 09:07 PM

most parts available can send pics on phone

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jossey - 17/2/19 at 09:43 PM


nick205 - 18/2/19 at 02:16 PM

Originally posted by jossey


Reading the thread title I expected a question about a ZX1200R engine slowing the car down when you came off the accelerator.

Barksavon - 18/2/19 at 03:42 PM

I would be interested in buying that off you Swanntech. What I'll do is I'll call you and text you to assure you that I'm genuine, I'll make you an offer, arrange to come and collect it this Saturday and then I won't turn up. When you text me and call me to see why I haven't turned up and whether I still want it i won't answer your calls or even reply to your texts.
Does that sound familiar to you......timewaster!!!

Potential buyers beware, this guy is unreliable.

swanntech - 18/2/19 at 07:10 PM

some times in life unfortunate things happen but if you want to come to my house to complain you are more than WELCOME,

swanntech - 18/2/19 at 07:16 PM

Hope my spelling is up to standard now.

Barksavon - 18/2/19 at 08:02 PM

Yes sometimes in life they do....but at least have the courtesy to respond to the contacts, even if you'd changed your I said at the time.

If you send me your ADDRESS I'll come across on Saturday to collect the engine.

Your spelling has improved but there's a question mark over your grammar.... I thought 'sometimes' was one word.