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FS (OT): 2001 Hymer B544 A Class Motorhome
hobbsy - 25/8/19 at 01:36 PM

Apologies it's a bit off topic but it has a tow bar and you see plenty of these at race meetings etc

See here

Or a copy and paste of the text below:

2001 Hymer B544 48k A Class LHD Gaslow LPG Solar, Hab Aircon 5 berth overcab bed

48k miles (odometer and MOT history is in km so that's 77k km.

MOT due 13th June 2020, new headlight adjuster system fitted on the last MOT.

Refillable gaslow LPG, solar panel, habitation air conditioning, external gas point for BBQ (or a generator or heater etc), many new parts (main roof window, side window, leisure battery - only 2 days ago!)

The add ons make this really usable, twin bottle Gaslow refillable gas system saves loads of money and hassle compared to swapping bottles in and out. Solar panel charges the leisure battery really well, plus there is split charging from the alternator when the engine is running and also a powerful charger when on mains hookup. External gas point also super handy and saves cooking smells being in the kitchen.

Recent JVC headunit with bluetooth for media playback from your phone (e.g. Spotify) and also handsfree calls.

12V television with built in media playback from USB stick included *if* sold at asking price.

More photos and details to follow.

Only selling as decided we don't need something this big while our children are small; we will upsize again later. We are thinking of something like a T5.1 or T6 VW.

Located in CV21 (Rugby), only a few mins from M1 / M6 / A14 / A5.

Mr Whippy - 25/8/19 at 06:00 PM

Regarding the last part of your post. I have tried a few options for the family and tbh the most successful in terms of cost, living space and ease of transport has been a large family tent. The only disadvantage being it is limited to warm weather use.

hobbsy - 25/8/19 at 07:06 PM

Hi Mr Whippy,

Thanks for your reply. But without stating that your stating the obvious clearly on cost grounds a tent is going to take some beating...

Beyond that I'm not going to point out the differences as it's kinda obvious, e.g. you can't drive a tent.

But I do see your point in that under certain circumstances there is nothing wrong with a tent and it's not the thick end of 20k...

Back to the topic, if any LCB'ers are interested then I can discount it a bit from the eBay listing price...

Bluemoon - 27/8/19 at 11:12 AM

Looks great, if I had the cash I would be tempted. Soft spot for hymer and eriba (we have a Troll, if that means anything!)...