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Locost original book rolling chassis
Mad Scientist - 10/12/07 at 12:52 PM

For sale is my original book built rolling chassis. Actually, its not rolling anywhere at the moment but has the parts needed and has rolled in the past!

Some pictures in my original thread here:

Items included:
Book chassis with roll cage and rear stays. Welded in steel floor. Needs a bit of tidying/ painting.

Wishbones and trailing arms/panhard rod, fully polybushed and painted. Built by Luego.

Zeemeride shocks

Refurbed cortina uprights and hubs with new wheel bearings.

Escort rear axle, primed for paint with brackets welded on.

Transit track rods and Cortina bottom ball joints (new)

Lolocost nosecone

Sheet of aluminium for the side panels.

Set of mk2 escort wheels (really only suitable to roll it on, but could be refurbed and shod with new rubber)

I am looking for offers around 450.

email me:

or pm.



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[Edited on 10/12/07 by Mad Scientist]

Mad Scientist - 10/12/07 at 10:05 PM


Open to offers remember.

Mad Scientist - 13/12/07 at 06:32 PM


Good head start for someone.

kev R1 - 13/12/07 at 08:27 PM

you have u2u

Mad Scientist - 16/12/07 at 01:38 PM


Anyone interested in the chassis on its own? Or the rear axle? Cortina uprights?

sprouts-car - 16/12/07 at 08:26 PM

how much are you looking for for just the chassis?

Mad Scientist - 17/12/07 at 12:39 PM

You have U2U