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MKindy spec r F/S
mad gaz - 9/1/08 at 10:26 AM

MK indy new chassis +rollcage deluxe kit GSXR k2 engine all new running gear + rebuilt cossy 3.62 lsd WILLWOODS frount +back fiberglass can be any colour aii interia is carbon including dash loads of other bits total spent 9K I WOULD take 5750 ONO Rescued attachment kitcar 001.jpg
Rescued attachment kitcar 001.jpg

mad gaz - 9/1/08 at 11:17 AM

The kit we are selling is the the same as the gulf car in my archive Rescued attachment kitcar 002.jpg
Rescued attachment kitcar 002.jpg

Fozzie - 9/1/08 at 12:09 PM

One question please

If this is a private sale, and you have already spent can the fibre glass be 'any colour you want' ?

Fozzie (Admin)

mad gaz - 9/1/08 at 12:23 PM

when we bought the kit we were undecided on which colour 2 go 4 so its ended up that we r selling the kit so the fibreglass is still to collect but is paid 4 so if any1 has a preference in colour it can still be chosen

mad gaz - 11/1/08 at 06:01 PM

thanks for all interest and U2Us the kit is now sold