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For Sale Guidelines
Fozzie - 19/9/08 at 10:23 PM

Please read before posting new thread.

As has always been, to stop people trying to get around the Trader Status, and in fairness to our already Registered Traders,
there is a limit per occassional (not every) month of 5 'For Sale' threads per member.

If you have items, plural, for sale at the same time, please keep them in ONE thread.

There is only space on the Home Page for the latest 30 posts for the entire website, not just for the For Sale section. It is not fair
for other members who maybe looking for help in the various sections to have their posts kicked off the page too soon, just because someone wants to
post multiple items separately. Nor is it fair for other people to have their stuff for sale kicked to page 2, because of multiple posts from one person.

If your items have not sold, it could be that no one wants it/them, so please do NOT create yet another thread for the same item.

The section is designed for LocostBuilders members to sell stuff on they don't need or want.
It was not intended for people to sign up and just use the 'For Sale' section as a means to flog their wares for free.

If that is found to be the case, further action will be taken.

[Edited on 10-11-08 by Fozzie]