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Removable steering wheel for IVA? What am I missing?
J666AYP - 9/9/19 at 11:21 PM

Hi gents,

I have read that you cant IVA a car with a removable steering wheel? Is this correct? If yes how do ariel/caterham and the likes get away with fitting them on road legal cars?

Also say for arguments sake I was to leave the removable boss fitted but disable it by cross pinning would that pass?


russbost - 10/9/19 at 07:10 AM

Where are you getting info that you can't have removable wheel from?

I've certainly SVA'd a car with removable wheel & I'm sure a no. of peeps on here will have done so at IVA unless anything has changed in recent years that I've missed???

loggyboy - 10/9/19 at 07:12 AM

As above, i dont know of any reason you cant have one. Providing its of sound construction etc..
Are you confusing the part that says a removable wheel is not a suitable immobiliser?

jelly head - 11/9/19 at 07:13 AM

As above, mine passed fine with a removable wheel, only thing i did do make a pad to go on the cerntre of the steering wheel just to make sure i wouldn't get pulled for any 'sharp' edges.

theduck - 11/9/19 at 10:26 AM

Nothing in the manual that says you cant use a removable wheel setup. Only issue you might run into is if you use a cheap/low quality boss that has play in it they could fail the car because of the play.

My car passed iva with a removable wheel, I even showed the inspector how to remove it to make it easier for him to get in and out.