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Author: Subject: Millionaire boy racers.

posted on 3/1/13 at 10:27 PM Reply With Quote
Millionaire boy racers.

Is anybody watching this?

Not quite sure what's going on! But its quite interesting!


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posted on 3/1/13 at 10:32 PM Reply With Quote
Grotesque display of wealth if you ask me (and monumental lack of taste in many cases too!)

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posted on 3/1/13 at 10:39 PM Reply With Quote
Yet more poo tv showing a bunch of people with pointless existences.



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posted on 3/1/13 at 10:43 PM Reply With Quote
Why you'd pick London to transport your car too and then rag it about I'll never know. But then again I'll never know why you'd buy a supercar then paint it a colour that Dulux wouldn't even supply!
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posted on 3/1/13 at 10:53 PM Reply With Quote
chavs in novas in maccdy d.`s car park.... but with money.
if i had that much wealth i would not act like a twat in london... i would be on track. or cruising european gt routes

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posted on 3/1/13 at 11:06 PM Reply With Quote
I'm told by my uncle that Jersey has loads of supercars, which is even crazier as it's an island with a 40mph limit, I mean you can technically do 70 in london (Though Granted not in Central London itself).

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posted on 3/1/13 at 11:16 PM Reply With Quote
Fair play to them
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steve m

posted on 3/1/13 at 11:43 PM Reply With Quote
No, as they are not licenced insured or taxed

But wealthy beyond our dreams

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posted on 4/1/13 at 12:19 AM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by steve m
No, as they are not licenced insured or taxed

Some of them weren't but it looked like the majority were licensed and insured. Tax is irrelevant because they were mostly on UAE plates.

The copper that stopped the guy in the Aventador was a complete arse, the guy had insurance documentation and just because the officer couldn't phone kuwait he decided that it wasn't insured and impounded it. It's that kind of cop that I don't like. Guilty until proven innocent etc.

All the local residents sounded like kill joys, I can kind of see their point but if you live in central london its going to be noisy. I know that if I had their money I'd almost certainly be doing the same thing

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posted on 4/1/13 at 09:41 AM Reply With Quote
In true wrinkly style we'll simply need to ban it. 'It' being just about everything inclusively and exclusively. My house price (whatever I believe it is 'worth' will therefore remain high and out of the reach of the penury young workers, and I can still charge rent that'll keep the benefits system feeding my trough.

The fact that I live in London, have a very affluent lifestyle that is fuelled to some extent by the rich multicultural visitors, but have my peace disturbed for a few weeks a year is intolerable. I'm 'devastated'.

It wasn't just the completely AWOL brain of the Policeman that couldn't recognise an insurance document, it was also it's confusion over correcting the political correctness of the complaining white Londoners. Again, I am reassured that the Police are beyond all reproach over their conduct. I guess that until a Political Bankster or somesuch has his car impounded on the production of a valid insurance certificate, the matter of a Policemans judgement will remain.

Anyway, while I contemplate taking the wife's new Mk1 Mundaneo to the local empty shopping complex carpark (closed Comet etc...) for some pointless FWD activity, I hear this morning that Mr Balls has promised me a job when he gets into power. I see a future now, it's all good.

The Pleb.

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posted on 4/1/13 at 11:30 AM Reply With Quote
It seemed like a thinly veiled "get the arabs out of MY London" show to me.

I watched it as I liked the cars, and I empathise with the studio flat woman with the revving AMG outside (although it did sound good) but in the main, the theme was white guy toff fears Englishmen are slaves to Arab money, can't stand them buying up Englishmans land/houses/flats/shops, wants Arabs out, uses noisy supercars as leverage.

Then that "Knightsbride girl" at the end saying things like see, see, it's Ramadan now and it's all quiet, goes to show it's only certain people who cause this problem!!! when they are gone it's lovely around here

I genuinely felt sorry for guy from Kuhwait at the end, despite his millions, saying "give us your London with it's beautiful views and weather and you can have our rich Kuhwait". He seemed really depressed when he said he had to go "back to the desert". If he came into the countryside in that nice car of his he'd probably cry at the views.

The guy at the end hanging off his balcony saying it's rather nice to see flash motors going around was cool though

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posted on 4/1/13 at 11:43 AM Reply With Quote
I didn't watch the show, but I did get sent a Youtube 'recommendation' of a video called 'sounds of supercars' or something. That was a load of cars in central London doing burnouts and revs. Definitely not UK plates although I don't know what a UAE plate is meant to look like.

Some really gorgeous cars, but for the money they could have rented a track for the day and just had it all to themselves.

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posted on 4/1/13 at 12:23 PM Reply With Quote
I don't mind seeing all those nice cars, most of the Arab lads are nice well mannered and not doing burn outs pissed up and high like the english chav's.

Still if they drive like dicks they should be some repercussions, if you were walking your kid down a nice side street and got knocked down by someone doing mac 1 in their lambo you'd be v angry, so other than that I have no problem.

The knightsbridge residents are just another not in my back yard lot who perhaps have been immune due to housing prices to stop so called undesirables in to their neighborhood, well news just in its been happening to the rest of the country for decades. Areas change move on as different groups move in and out. If anything the Arabs are keeping their property prices nice and high.

They want to come stand at the end of my road in the summer as we are a village right next to santa pod, I'd happilly swap that for some nice lambos!

[Edited on 4/1/13 by mikeb]

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posted on 4/1/13 at 03:36 PM Reply With Quote
Nice motors and of course you wouldnt catch us Brits behaving like such complete arses abroad eh?
Too much respect for other peoples country and customs, anyone for Magaluf

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richard thomas

posted on 5/1/13 at 12:00 PM Reply With Quote
They are young, they have money (lucky for them and good for them - somebody has to have it....wish I did but don't begrudge them - I got my health at least), they see western life and want a taste of it.

They bring wealth into the country (50,000 in a nightclub!!!)

They help maintain the incredible house prices in the area (a point tragically missed by the 'locals'

They make the most of the youth that they can, 'cos sooner or later they will be married and a TOTALLY different lifestyle for them then....proper dedication to family.

We have a nice climate (hard to believe, but when you have been cooking at 50C for 10 months, it is nicer here.

If I was them, I'd be doing the same.

Except I would go to America where they appreciate success/luck/wealth.

If that woman finds it unbearable, she can swap with me if she wants (it's gonna take more than a room full of roses to sweeten her up though, I reckon)

Right, I'm going to have a vodka shot, smoke a J and head off down Knightsbridge in my Nova. Gonna spend 50 in McDonalds too.....which they will appreciate because I am not 'one of them'?

Then flying out to Benidorm to entertain the locals. For 2 weeks. At which point reinforcements will replace me to cover 40 more weeks of the year.

(I have to admit, they did drive a bit fast on occasion. Nice cars, though)

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posted on 5/1/13 at 12:39 PM Reply With Quote
The vast majority seemed like very respectful young people.

Show should of been called jealous racist bigots of London.

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