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Forestburn hill climb
theprisioner - 22/5/14 at 08:18 AM

Great night at testing event at Forestburn, the weather was sunny and warm which in itself is unusual. This was after a 10pm stint in the garage the night before installing a new clutch. The car is going great and looking forward to the all day Friday open pit lane at Knockhill.


johnny chimpo - 22/5/14 at 10:24 AM

Forestburn is one of those hillclimbs i've always wanted to go along to seeing as it aint too far from me.

If the weather is good Doune and Kames are always good for spectating.

Hopefully if I get my MNR back together this year I will be able to enter a few of these events next year..... thats the plan anyway!

Good luck for the season!