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Suspensions Spacer Thingy-Bobby...
johnny chimpo - 5/10/15 at 10:14 PM

Hi All,

Yet another totally stupid post from me....

Can anyone tell me what the proper name is for the stepped spacer that is highlighted in the attached picture.

Secondly can anyone tell me the best place to get new ones of these, they came off my MNR so looking to replace with new ones during my rebuild.

I've had a google and without knowing what they are called its difficult to sus out where to get replacement ones and what size they will need to be.



Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts

mark chandler - 5/10/15 at 10:31 PM

They are top hat spacers or mis-allignment spacers, McGill is your friend


Regards Mark

johnny chimpo - 6/10/15 at 10:48 PM

Thanks Mark, all sorted now! :-)