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mnr aro screen
andy d (rizla) - 23/4/05 at 07:20 AM

well being 6ft 3 ive fitted the new mnr aro screen extention,and wow does it make a huge diference,when it rains i dont get a drop on the visor of my helmet

good work mnr,it looks good to Rescued attachment aro screen1.jpg
Rescued attachment aro screen1.jpg

andy d (rizla) - 23/4/05 at 07:50 AM

close up Rescued attachment wind1.jpg
Rescued attachment wind1.jpg

Avoneer - 23/4/05 at 08:19 AM

That is one nice looking screen.
Nicer than the Westy one as well.

andy d (rizla) - 23/4/05 at 08:39 AM

at the time of getting it i was more worried about function rather than looks,but once fitted not only does it work very well,as you say it looks rather neat too

tom_loughlin - 23/4/05 at 09:23 AM

like it, like it a lot!

Danozeman - 23/4/05 at 04:26 PM

I like that alot. I love the way they scuttle and bonnets are shaped on those too. The screens finish of a treat.

andy d (rizla) - 23/4/05 at 04:42 PM

one last view Rescued attachment screen2.jpg
Rescued attachment screen2.jpg