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Author: Subject: Wiring Loom probs

posted on 9/5/19 at 12:03 PM Reply With Quote
Wiring Loom probs

Hi fellow builders - just wondered if someone knows how I can get hold of a complete coloured coded wiring diagram? ......almost finished my Locost 7 ready for the IVA, but the wiring that came with the car is baffling me somewhat! I bought the kit last year as an unfinished project and recently tried to contact the guy about the wiring, but cannot contact. I know the wiring harness is a new Lucas loom and it looks pretty comprehensive. All wires have colour identification but nothing is labelled - and without a proper diagram it's impossible to know which of the wires connects to each electrical connection on the car. Maybe I need to buy the Haynes Roadster build manual? (if it has a coloured wiring diag. in the book?). Many thanks to anyone who can help!
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posted on 9/5/19 at 12:22 PM Reply With Quote
The Haynes manual won't help you I'm afraid.

You need to try and find where the wiring loom originated from and go from there. I don't think Lucas have ever manufactured custom kit car looms so chances are it's off another vehicle.

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rusty nuts

posted on 9/5/19 at 12:46 PM Reply With Quote
It might be worth tracing each and every wire and making your own wiring diagram? Your existing wiring loom is unlikely to be a purpose made loom for a kit car but may use a Lucas wiring standard colour for each wire. What switches etc are you using ? That may have a bearing on the wiring?
Did the Vicky Green loom from GBS use Lucas colour codes? You may have one of those

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posted on 9/5/19 at 01:04 PM Reply With Quote
if its lucas standard colours, then a wiring diagram from most british built cars in the 80's should do
mini, landrover, triumph, mgb
can't remember if escorts used the same too

edit to add
this page may help you

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posted on 9/5/19 at 04:46 PM Reply With Quote
That's great guys! - thanks to wylliezx9r, rusty nuts, gremlin1234 for the really helpful advice. Hopefully the loom I have will correspond to standard Lucas colours. There are a couple of small fuse boxes in the loom, so I'll begin there and start tracing/connecting & labelling as I go along.
Thanks again guys - hope to see you and say 'hello' at one of the Shows.

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