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Author: Subject: Lads,I've got a great idea......
Talon Motorsport

posted on 2/10/17 at 06:16 PM Reply With Quote
Lads,I've got a great idea......

Lads, I've got a great idea...
As most of you know I've been at this a fair few years now (it might be at least 10...) and as long as I'm physically able I will continue to produce parts. Now most of us have seen suppliers come and go usually leaving another few builders high and dry with out parts and out of pocket, in the past I've offered to fill these orders with your charitable help with material and shipping costs.

Now to be honest things are quite tight money wise for Talon just now as it's just after the 6 week summer holidays and you lot don't spend it on builds during that period....How ever I do have quite a lot of time on my hands over the next 2 months and I'd like to try and restore some faith in the community as a whole and myself as a supplier.

So to the daft plan I've come up with... If I can get the list of what body parts are owed and to whom I'm willing to supply my version of it providing the cost of the materials and the consumables are met by very kind donations of you lot the Roadster building community. To be very clear about this I will not be giving any body a financial refund just supplying the parts that are owed. Last time I organised some thing like this a typical donation was 10-30 via Paypal friends and family and the community brought 'Iron doctor' on the Haynes Forum a flatpack.

The rest of how this goes is very much down to the people that reply to this post, I'll leave it with you.......Phil@Talon Motor Fabrication.

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posted on 2/10/17 at 07:25 PM Reply With Quote
Phil I think it's very noble of you to put yourself forward to help people out and try to restore some faith however I think the people who are owed parts not only would like the bits promised but equally if not more so want the person who's taken the hard earned to be accountable and not just spending there hard earned while Someone else cleans up the mess
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Talon Motorsport

posted on 3/10/17 at 05:43 AM Reply With Quote
A full list of forum user names and the total will be updated and published every so often so that donation amounts will be private but every thing else will be made public, I don't want people thinking I'm running off with any thing. There are currently 225 members on the Facebook Roadster page even if half donated 10 you could save a fellow builder from pain and suffering in a 3rd world garage in the middle of Surrey....
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