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Crowd funder or not
chesney321 - 22/5/17 at 03:39 PM

In the past I have built an Aries car but had to sell due to my partners I'll health she had cancer and after a long fight she passed away and I sold car to help pay for funeral .I went downhill for a while and was diagnosed with depression and tried to kill myself on a few occasions I have now met a lovely lady and want to start to rebuild my life but at moment I can't work as I am my partners carer as she has a mental health problem so I can't afford to build a car .building my last car was one of the best experiences I've ever you think it would do any good if I went on crowd funder to try and raise money to build another car .....

Ugg10 - 22/5/17 at 03:53 PM

<puts tin hat and flack jacket on>

However much I sympathise with your predicament, and I honestly wish you all the very best whatever the future may hold, but I have to admit that crowd funding someone's dream to build another car is not something that would attract me.

Typically crowd funding givers want something in return e.g. early technology adopters wanting a discount/be the first to have a piece of tech, investors wanting part of the company and future profits etc. This sounds more like a charity whereby the donation will not provide the giver either a share of the car (which as an investment is not good sense as it will be worth approx 65% of the build cost when done) or buy into a longer term business.

Sorry to be a bit negative but not something that would attract me, but there may be others that have the opposite view.

All the very best.

pekwah1 - 22/5/17 at 04:03 PM

Well i'm conflicted here, on one hand i have the same view of if it's just something you want to do, then you should pay for it yourself kind of thing (without intentionally sounding like an arse here)....

On the other hand, crowd funding is effectively for the public to decide if they want to contribute, and why not have something on there which is just a "i want to do it" kind of thing, and if someone wants to help then why not.

So my view is why not stick up a post and if people want to help out they will, if they don't they won't.

Good luck either way

ReMan - 22/5/17 at 07:28 PM

Hmm i recently saw a CF appeal that got shredded.
So similarly to the prev responses, it doesn't appeal to me, but no reason it may not to others, but just be prepared for some strong opinions

nick205 - 23/5/17 at 07:57 AM

Not a pleasant story to hear so sorry for your woes!

The crowd funding idea is not something I'd personally contribute towards, but then others might do. I don't think you shouldn't do it, but as mentioned, I think you should go in to it prepared for some mixed/strong views. I was taught many years ago "If you don't ask you don't get" - perhaps the same applies to this!

Stevie_P - 23/5/17 at 10:18 AM

Seems like this is going to divide opinions.
What did you find enjoyable?
Was it the building or finally driving the finished article?
If it's building the thing then how about offering to help with someone elses build?
I think these things are much better with a couple of people chatting / working etc.
It's a way of making friends whilst enjoying the build.
Just a thought..


swanny - 23/5/17 at 03:21 PM

could you do the build with a charitable organisation? have you seen the men in sheds activity that age uk run?
there are other charities that bring together blokes for whom building a kit car together might be a really positive thing.
that way you may be able to offer a great bit of experience to the charity, and people may be inclined to support that even though you'd ultimately own the car?

people may also be more inclined to support you in this way, asking for money is quite a tricky ask. If you are asking for donations and people can see there is a charitable benefit, they may also be more inclined to donate spare parts that they have lying around rather than hard cash.

nick205 - 26/5/17 at 11:48 AM

Another option might be to find a local college and speak to the engineering tutors. The college may be persuaded to fund the build for the involvement of students. Downsides - involvement of others and perhaps the time of day/week to do it. If funded by the college then I guess it would be their's when finished too.