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I'm back.... hopefully
danro - 4/11/17 at 08:40 AM

Well it has been years since I even looked at my chassis.
I had made a mistake that I was uncertain of how to remedy and couldn't decide how to handle the rear hub carriers (or even if they would be de-dion or IRS) that took the wind from my sails so decided to walk away and see what I could come up with.
Whilst I was "doing other stuff" I built myself a CNC plasma cutter, which is now used for all sorts of things, the most recent was shown on ITVs "This Morning" with Phil and Holly a couple of days ago.

I've resigned myself to cutting the chassis to fix what was wrong. But also still need to decide on the hub carriers - I'm warming to IRS..
The 2l pinto will probably be sold once I've mounted the gearbox and replace with a zetec.

Sadly though I need a few 60 day months filled with 48 hour days to keep on top of all I wantneed to do.

I thought getting of to a nice Kit Car show in 2018 would help build the urge but can't find any advertised. Have they stopped doing them?


CosKev3 - 4/11/17 at 10:08 AM

Stoneleigh is about the only one left,National kit car show as they call it.

CosKev3 - 4/11/17 at 10:10 AM

States at top May bank holiday weekend 2018

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danro - 4/11/17 at 01:58 PM

Cheers Chaps..
Booked into the calendar! So with luck I'll get a green card.