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Long Time away
grusks2 - 30/10/18 at 10:45 AM

Hi everyone

Time to start building again, last car i built 8 years ago, i sold within 8 weeks for a offer that was too good, then work and family commitments

I know its not that low cost but about to put a deposit on this

My last car was just in time for a SVA prior to the IVA

I have helped a friend on his Jag C type kit car for the Iva so know some of the new rules but reading about emissions for age related engines its all changed

Was looking at the old ford 302 engine for just a smoke test but the factory say a ford 5L Coyote Engine from a mustang with a Cat and the Injection system should be fine but its the 'Should bit'

Can you still get away with the age related engine


Bluemoon - 30/10/18 at 12:18 PM

Very nice. Will need build thread

Can't help about the regs, would read the IVA manual if possible, seem to recall there being a nice flow chart that should answer your question.