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Guinness - 17/11/18 at 02:52 PM

After a break of too many years, I'll be starting to hang around here again.

Long story short, after several years of agency work, short term contracts, and more than a couple of periods of under employment, I'm now in a FT job. We've made another small human, and our eldest is now a bike mechanic.

I've sold the daily driver, and managed to get the Pug back on the road, and almost standard., so there was a bit of space in the yard.

The increadibly patient and generous DaveK has looked after the Indy for the last 8 years, and today has delivered her back to us!

First impressions are, I still need a pair of rear arches and lights, she'll need a complete fluid change, and a battery, but generally doesn't look too bad.

Anyway, a bit of work over the winter, and hopefully back on the road by Easter!


David Jenkins - 17/11/18 at 04:46 PM

Welcome back!

MikeR - 17/11/18 at 08:50 PM

Congratulations and welcome back

nick205 - 19/11/18 at 09:41 AM

Originally posted by MikeR
Congratulations and welcome back

Ditto - life events can certainly get in the way of car building activities, but it sounds like you're back and ready to continue