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Its good to be back!!
ollie2910 - 29/7/19 at 08:03 PM

Evening All,

Its been quite some time since i have looked at my kit in any detail, (almost 2 years), but having faffed with many other not so fun projects.......houses mostly, Im glad to say i have finally got my head back in the game.

The kit is a Viento, and im trying to get a ford v6 to run on a megasquirt..............which is well beyond my current ability but Im learning :-)
Hoping to slowly work back through the kit....once the engine is running, and make sure its all ship shape.

Would be great if there are any local folk who might be up for passing on some v6/ms knowledge (west Sussex) kettle is always on .
Looking forward to rediscovering the locost world.


big_wasa - 29/7/19 at 08:39 PM

You donít say what v6 ?

It would be good to see some build threads as itís getting a little slower on here.

My v6

ollie2910 - 29/7/19 at 08:42 PM

It's a 3l cosworth bob v6 from a scorpio, I'll try to get some build pics up :-)

big_wasa - 30/7/19 at 03:23 PM

I haven't seen one of them in ages then there are three in one week being built, two Boaís and a Bob.

They are still very cool as they have cosworth on them

ollie2910 - 30/7/19 at 07:24 PM

a bit like busses, cosworth was a big draw, im hoping going down the megasquirt route will pay off. your duratec sounds great. what year is it Big_Wasa?

big_wasa - 30/7/19 at 07:44 PM

2004 from an St220

r1_pete - 30/7/19 at 08:18 PM

Mine is going in a Scimitar.

Cosworth Reliant has quite a ring eh...

Fits well though

Cosworth Reliant
Cosworth Reliant

ollie2910 - 30/7/19 at 09:32 PM

It does have a ring, looks great, have you finished the conversion?

ollie2910 - 30/7/19 at 09:34 PM

It does have a ring, looks great, have you finished the conversion?

r1_pete - 30/7/19 at 10:03 PM

No thats not my car, just the inspiration.

I just finished rebuilding the suspension and brakes, need to sort the electrics then get it MOTd before I start the conversion.

Still on the fence between stock ECU and Megasquirt, I think MS will win out as Iíve done several MS2 installs...

ollie2910 - 2/8/19 at 07:20 PM

Finally managed to sort a picture:

starting to get there!!

big_wasa - 3/8/19 at 07:55 AM

Looks very at home in there.

ollie2910 - 3/8/19 at 12:11 PM

Be even better when it's running