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Back in the saddle
Johnmor - 21/12/19 at 10:04 PM

Hi All
Haven't posted for about 10 years after I sold my Viento, however having now retired and with a little more time to spare I've just bought an unfinished Viento project, the last one was an Alfa v6 this time I think its going to be a rover v8 , I'll be no doubt asking for advice and information as I go so thanks for all the help in advance
Happy xmas!

big_wasa - 21/12/19 at 10:44 PM

Iíve just bought a barley started Viento as well.

This site could do with some more build traffic.

Re the Rv8. Maybe I wasnít prepared to invest enough cash but I found the parts available very old and in poor condition, well and truly worn out and over priced.

I will be going v6, I think........

Johnmor - 22/12/19 at 09:43 AM

Hi, Im going have a go with a V* cause the engine ive got is pretty good , its a low milleage Goldseal engine , only done a few thousand with new clutch , timing chain and big ends and all ancilories, plus love the sound track,

what V6 you aiming for?

rusty nuts - 22/12/19 at 12:52 PM

Welcome back, I donít know if your aware of the suspension crush tube issue with Luegoís? Might be worth doing a search on here before you build? Also measure the position of the suspension mounting points, there were some Vientoís where the mountings were 100 different side to side!. Iíve seen loads of different engines in them but I rather fancy one with a Lexus V8 coupled to a manual box from maybe a Supra?

big_wasa - 22/12/19 at 04:31 PM

Originally posted by Johnmor what V6 you aiming for?

Being a Ford nut, the Duratec 30.

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Johnmor - 23/12/19 at 08:13 PM

Nice v6, had a an Alfa v6 in the last Viento, bit of a challenge mating to Ford gearbox but the outcome was awesome,

Put the exhaust through twin cans from a Suzuki TL 1000, the sound was fantastic, good luck with the build,

I'll post progress as I go, if I can help let me know, good chance I'll be asking for info😀😀