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MK Zetec tuning
sonic - 25/5/17 at 05:41 PM

Hi guys

Where is the best place to take an Mk with a 2ltr Zetec to for tuning around Yorkshire, as near as possible to Hull


matty h - 25/5/17 at 06:49 PM

Carbs or injection.
If carbs what about bogg brothers.

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sonic - 25/5/17 at 07:16 PM

Hi, its injection

chris - 25/5/17 at 08:25 PM

next question wot ecu

sonic - 26/5/17 at 08:09 PM

No idea, it belongs to a mate. the car was factory built at MK in 2015. I think its Omex but I will ask

big_wasa - 26/5/17 at 08:26 PM

So it's a 2.0 on throttle bodies and aftermarket management. It will be around 165bhp. To go beyond this naturally aspirated it will need head work, cams and a re map. Have a look at Dunell engines, Schollar engines, Raceline and with deep pockets look at omex for a supercharger package.