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Wheel movement during braking
mikeb - 25/2/20 at 11:56 AM

Has anyone else noticed a slight amount of wheel movement (front cycle wing moves forward slightly) during braking, I canít find any slack in my suspension bushes just wondered if a small amount is considered normal on a Haynes roasters with sierra running great.

Mr Whippy - 25/2/20 at 12:03 PM

Given the forces involved it's hardly surprising. Things will be bending and twisting all the time, so long as your wheels don't fall off it's not an issue. Think how much a plane flexes, if you built it so it didn't flex it would be called a tank...

coyoteboy - 25/2/20 at 01:16 PM

Cycle wing is mounted to the upright. Upright is at the end of noodley members and rubber bushes - some movement is expected. I'm surprised it's overtly visible though - that would suggest fairly significant geometry shifts?

CosKev3 - 25/2/20 at 04:25 PM

Yeah it's very noticeable on mine when you brake hard.

I think it's more noticeable now as I've got CSR style front arches,as they are flat on the top you notice it more?
Rather than a rounded cycle wing.