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ST170 Inlet manifold
RWD Focus - 10/3/18 at 04:49 PM

Focus ST170 inlet manifold suitable for use when using ITBs
30 ono.
Collection welcome from Wakefield West Yorkshire or can post at cost.

Barksavon - 10/3/18 at 05:28 PM

Would it be suitable for use with bike carbs? If so can you put a photo up please?

RWD Focus - 10/3/18 at 05:36 PM

Its suitable for bike carbs. I haven't got a pic of my actual one but the borrowed pic above shows what it is.
Can get picture of the actual item on Monday when i go to the workshop

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Barksavon - 10/3/18 at 05:43 PM

Thanks for the photo....was hoping it was an after market one cos I've got one of those... Thanks again though

RWD Focus - 13/3/18 at 06:52 AM

Now sold