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Maybe swap Pinto to Duratec
belgian2b - 10/5/19 at 12:29 PM


as the Pinto in my Westfield could be unable to reach emission test in Belgium,

i am thinking in changing the engine.

First idea would be Duratec.

Before i start, i would like to have an idea of the cost

I suppose that some of you have gone that way, so what are good and bad point of this swap ?
What budget is realistic ?
What can be re-used of the actuel setting ?


shindha - 10/5/19 at 12:47 PM

If your a member on the WSCC post it on there, there's more chance of some ones who's done it being on there.

Tiger Super Six - 10/5/19 at 12:50 PM

I did this several years ago on my Tiger Avon. Costs will vary quite a bit depending what age engine you get and therefore cost and also the parts that you put on it and their quality, sump, alternator brackets etc etc.

On top of that you will need an ECU and throttle bodies which I assume you will also need to buy.

I can't remember the cost of my change now but it will be several £,000's unless you can find someone selling a completed engine set up, which might happen more now than when duratecs first became a popular choice.

drt - 10/5/19 at 01:34 PM

If the is already registered in Belgium... than you can't (legally) change the engine (without going through our SVA equivalent)
Also, if it is already registered it should meet the emissions test for that era car.

If not registered...getting a kit approved in Belgium is, however, a whole other can of worms

Let me know, I'm very interested

tomduffield13 - 10/5/19 at 05:42 PM

I did this swap last year, and when you take into account ST150 engine, decent injectors, MS3, inlet trumpets + Jenvey TBs, new exhaust manifold to suit, Digidash, shortened sump, bellhousing, flywheel and plate, New Rad and a rolling road session.... i reckon in parts it cost me £4-5k and upwards of 100 hours labour (but then i'm in no way compentant.. so this could be reduced!)

Parts could also be reduced if you could fab a few parts yourself... bellhousing adapter plate, weld a sump yourself, alternator bracket... etc.

Any specific questions you have, fire away and i'll try and help...

Or if you just want to buy mine instead... it won't have a home here for much longer i'm afraid!


kingster996 - 10/5/19 at 06:04 PM

There s thread on WSCC where a member called Neptune did this recently. Itís not cheap. Unless you are very patient and lucky at bargain hunting.

You can get all the bits and if you buy ďoff the shelfĒ solutions you are looking at (very roughly):

throttle bodies, manifold, trumpets, filter & backplate - thick end of £1k
ECU and loom, rolling road to set it up - thick end of £1k
Exhaust manifold, silencer, fuel tank mods, injection pump, alternator, pipe work, filters, maybe swirl pot etc - thick end of £1k
Sump, flywheel, bellhousing, clutch mods (hydraulics?), engine mounts - thick end of £1k

Oh - and you will need an engine on top of that!

You can see why it cost Tom (above) that and more!

I know it can be done lots cheaper (I did my injeted Zetec install for less including a crate engine) but as I said you need to be patient and about the forums etc!

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big_wasa - 10/5/19 at 06:34 PM

Going from a pinto to a turbo Zetec and It is the little bits that bump up the costs massively.

se7ensport - 10/5/19 at 06:45 PM

£3.5k depending on choice of parts and a couple of second hand buys, I did it a few years ago, thread listing all parts and costs here

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flak monkey - 10/5/19 at 07:51 PM

Pinto to duratec...

Pretty simple if you want to go carbs route.

Bellhousing for type 9
Inlet manifold
Exhaust manifold (pinto mods easily)
Bike carbs
ST150 flywheel
Clutch (can use pinto friction plate).
Megajolt for ignition
Small alternator

Swap the big end bearings in the engine before you fit it. If you are careful and bargain hunt you could do it for about 1500-2000 quid.

It's not cheap.

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snapper - 11/5/19 at 09:26 AM

Iím doing a budget Duratec install on a Fisher Fury and have already bought a Duratec to Type 9 bellhousing, lightweight flywheel, clutch cover and plate, ARP flywheel bolts and a few other bits.
I am considering a plenum for a 60mm throttle body so I can supercharge in the future.
The engine came free as I ran a bearing on the ST and replaced it, the gearbox is a Type 9 V6 one I have lying around, the exhaust manifold is a Pinto 4 Branch which I will have a new manifold flange welded on.
Iíve spent £500 so far but to be honest Iím not keeping track of costs but perhaps I should.
I think Iíll do a what it cast and what it would cost if I didnít have a barn full of spares cost.

I like the idea of carbs as I have plenty of carbs and Megajolt in the spares cupboard

motorcycle_mayhem - 11/5/19 at 09:47 AM

Alternatively, and somewhat cheaper (given the realistic costs of doing any engine swap), could this be of use?
Depends on your registration, etc., limitations if you have any. However, you should be able to better Pinto type emissions with an injection bike engine (and as for your lap times....)...