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Redrilling flywheel
cliftyhanger - 31/5/20 at 06:41 AM

Thanks to "obfripper" I now have a 1800 flywheel. And I want to fit a pinto clutch.
Has anybody done this at home? Or advice they can offer. Obviously needs to be accurate!

(fed up with the fb boys. "just buy one done" "why?" and excessive use of the word "mint")


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Jervo - 31/5/20 at 07:22 AM

I totally agree: Iím trying to do my conversion by spending as little as possible in the true spirit of the Haynes book.

I did it the other way around on my Duratec conversion:
I.e. I drilled the clutch cover from the pinto engine reckoning that it was a less expensive thing to mess up. I also had a couple of them so I figured it wouldnít matter if it went wrong.

Interestingly I discovered that the clutches appear to have the same A-load datum holes (Must be punched in when they pressed the cover before itís machined.
So it was relatively easy to use them to align the Duratec clutch cover to the pinto cover.
I turned some stand-offs that passed through the A-load holes on both (covers face to face) and then clamped the whole lot onto a base plate with some long M6 fasteners.
Then it was a case of aligning the holes for the location dowels and the mount holes With the milling cutter and milling through.
They are only about 1.5 mm out which is really annoying. I never measured them but I suspect itís an imperial to hard metric conversion.

Worked like a dream- popped the cover straight on. Checked the runout with a dti. All good.

I do have a small milling machine though.

I can never get pictures to load in the posts but I will post the pictures of the modified cover in my photo archive.

40inches - 31/5/20 at 09:37 AM

Copy the pg code into your post, looks like this [pg] 123319 [/pg] without the spaces
Mod Pinto clutch cover
Mod Pinto clutch cover

avagolen - 2/6/20 at 09:11 AM

with the 1.8 Zetec flywheel, I ended up using the zetec pressure plate and the CVH friction plate no problems. Ct133 release bearing and all sorted.

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