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Author: Subject: Duratec - oil cooler

posted on 9/3/15 at 03:02 PM Reply With Quote
Duratec - oil cooler

I'm seeing 130 oil temp on the track (90 water) and plan to fit an oil cooler.

I've read here that the best place is in front of water radiator.

I plan to fit this: with a 13 row mocal cooler.

Any suggestions or experiences?

How do I purge the cooler? Does it matter the height of the oil cooler when installed?

Many thanks!


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posted on 9/3/15 at 05:57 PM Reply With Quote
That sandwich plate should do fine (assuming not a dry sumped system). To get all the oil out of the cooler you can always disconnect it and tip it out, or mount upside down and so long as the hoses are higher than the lowest point in the sump it will all drain into the sump.

As for location it can depend a lot on the car and how effective the water cooler is - I believe that behind the water cooler is a better location but difficult for packaging reasons (better as the oil should run at higher temp than water, so the air coming "out" of the water cooler should still be more than capable of bringing down the temp of the oil, and not vice versa). In any case you want the coolers sandwiched together as tightly as you can as otherwise the air between can "stall". Commonly oil coolers are in front of the rad because its easier to do and in most cases the water rad will still function sufficiently.

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posted on 10/3/15 at 06:14 PM Reply With Quote
I found that a 13 row was a little small for a high power Pinto so consider a 16 row
Also flow is important and I have gone from " to 5/8" with swaged pipes as I also blew the " off when he jubilees gave out

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