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Author: Subject: Problem loading photos
John Bonnett

posted on 9/11/18 at 07:19 AM Reply With Quote
Problem loading photos

Hitherto, I have no trouble loading photos on to my album but now I receive this message

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

even when trying to load a photo that is already in the album so exactly the same format as when it loaded successfully, the same message appears.

Help please.

Many thanks


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posted on 9/11/18 at 08:15 AM Reply With Quote
As it says, the problem is caused by a SQL error. Basically the code running this part of the forum software is failing.

My guess is that a 'deprecated' function has finally been removed from PHP or MySQL and a server update has triggered a newer PHP or MySQL version that won't run the old code.

It's all down to the fact that this forum uses really, really old and outdated software so over time it will simply fail to work and become vulnerable to this kind of issue more and more.

What happens is that server software (like MySQL and PHP that run this site in the background) gets updated pretty much all the time. The devs release patches and updates to plug security vulnerabilities and improve performance.

This same pattern happens with commercial code (or free 'open source' code) for products like web forums.

But if the forum software is no longer supported, it doesn't get patched or updated. So any functions that are marked for future removal (aka deprecated) will eventually become a big problem that will require whoever maintains the software to rewrite major chunks of it. You do get loads of warnings that a certain function will be removed - but as this forum runs software that is some 5 or 6 years past it's sell by date, that may not have happened and thus you get errors like the one reported.

Of course, the site owner may be maintaining this all behind the scenes and applying the required patches and updates - so he may have just not got around to fixing it.

One solution would be to move the forum onto some current platform, but that costs a lot in terms of time and possibly licence fees (for the good stuff that is always up to date). As this site relies of occasional donations, it may not be viable for the owner to spend the time on it - and indeed it may be extremely difficult to migrate the historical posts.

So we may just end up with a sad case of a site slowly dying as the code cancer spreads.

I'm happy to help if required (been coding PHP and MySQL since the 90's)

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure

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posted on 10/1/19 at 09:09 AM Reply With Quote
Just a test to see if I can post a pic via ImgBB, eta need to use Full Image BB code from the ImgBB site.

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