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Author: Subject: MAP sensor specs

posted on 16/1/19 at 12:56 PM Reply With Quote
MAP sensor specs

I have an ME221 ecu, which I didn't check if it had barametric correction. It doesn't.
So I need to add it (Alpine passes mean a 25% reduction in o2 content!!) and I have been "reliably" informed that it is pretty simple, I just need a MAP sensor and connect it up. But crucially I need the spec sheet for the MAP sensor.

I bought a VW 0261230073 sensor, but can't find the spec sheet online despite looking for some time.

Any pointers? Or another sensor which has a spec sheet available? (need the info so I can input the values onto a table.)


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posted on 17/1/19 at 10:39 AM Reply With Quote
Can't help with a graph but could you not calibrate it yourself? Such graphs as there are suggest that these are all linear between 0.5 -4.5v. You can get the atmospheric pressure at sea level from the weather forecast then you need a second point of measurement. A long tube of water (with appropriate bends to avoid water in the sensor) will give you a second point on the graph. If you know the max pressure of the MAP then chances are that will be set to 4.5v (bit rough and ready).
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posted on 18/1/19 at 08:56 PM Reply With Quote
Pretty sure that’s a common sensor on lots of cars and is a 2.5 bar type so should have a calibration table in the ecu the same as it does for manifold pressure use


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