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Author: Subject: Noob here considering SSC Stylus engine upgrade options...

posted on 12/7/20 at 10:41 AM Reply With Quote
Noob here considering SSC Stylus engine upgrade options...

Hello folks. New kit car owner, and new forum member here.

There's a lot of sub-forums here, I hope I hit the mark close enough.

I've a couple friends on here already, and was pointed in this direction by the one who mentioned "Fisher Fury" to me when we first met, making simple car chat in Grenoble (I think) airport. He planted that seed, until it grew and grew, and eventually he's partaking in the longest most stressful nearly-fishtailed-the-gf's-fabia-into-motorway type series of calamities. All set off by my complete idiocy and greater concentration on the beautiful thing I now own that's on a trailer in front of me, than the road. Long story. I guess you reap what you sow eh, thanks again Adi.

I must admit this is partly just a "hey guys, what's up in this forum? Nice to meet y'all" type post, but I thought I'd make it useful as well.

I've a 1700 crossflow with a single webber and the skinny little 4 branch manifold from whatever, but otherwise stock. It's a hoot, a giggle, but as it was such a complete garage queen for the last 12 years, only 800 miles since SVA, it isn't running quite as it should. That's one for another day though. Perhaps today actually.

My main actual question is.....

When I want nearly twice the power (already do, but going to enjoy it a while first) I know the easy simple noob-friendly solution answer will be "zetec on webers*". There's got to be a million documented cases of these going into kit cars, but I can't seem to find a concise this-is-how-I-did-it type posts about the place, or many details of what stays and what goes, what you need from a donor and what you don't.

I want it to remain as "analog" as possible. Computers begone! I know you can make me more efficient, more powerful, more driveable, but I want to learn carbs, and I don't hop in the Stylus to have a modern experience!!

If anyone knows a nice simple resource for this swap, I'd be very grateful if you popped it up here for me.

Many thanks for reading this far, and thanks in advance for any essential reading type resources / books / etc you may throw my way.

Jjams82 (Jon)

*ps... Every single zetec in a kit car is on webers, I'm going to have a go at some bike carbs, just for the fun of it, and so as to not have exactly the same setup as 90% of the sevens/kit zetecs out there. Plus, bike carbs genuinely do look like a decent option, assuming I can get hold of the right ones.

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posted on 12/7/20 at 01:35 PM Reply With Quote
Whatís the supply of Zetecís like around your way ?

Due to it now being the oval racers engine of choice and me living with in 50 miles of half a dozen well known tracks, supply is thin on the ground. I love a Zetec but they are about done.

St170ís are a touch easier to find. Mx5ís are looking a good bet. Jag v6 makes a nice noise. Duratecís both mx5 / Ford.

Donít forget the old ford gearbox may be a little tired and may not like a huge boost in torque.

The options are endless hence few specific how tooís.

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posted on 12/7/20 at 05:20 PM Reply With Quote
If you go the Zetec route you will still have to use a "computer" for the spark at least even if you still stick with carbs.
You haven't said what gearbox you have in your Stylus but I would suggest you will need a type 9 box if that's not what you have, some people have used the box from a RX8 but the Stylus tunnel would need to be modified and take up some of the space near you feet/pedals.
I have Stylus with a Zetec on throttle bodies if I can be of any assistance just shout, you might also like to try the Club Stylus website


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posted on 12/7/20 at 06:51 PM Reply With Quote
Welcome jjams. Sorry in advance to everyone else for getting him into this. As for the fish-tailing trailer... Didn't see it; never happened. The brown stain in my pants didn't happen either.

It's got a type9 in it.

"A witty saying proves nothing" Voltaire

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posted on 12/7/20 at 08:38 PM Reply With Quote
Again the N7 mx5 box is a better bet than an Rx8 box for size and around 3lg lighter as well.
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posted on 13/7/20 at 08:25 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks folks! First off, I apologise - yep, it's a type 9 gearbox. Imagine the idiocy of someone asking what will bolt straight up to the gearbox and not mentioning the gearbox...

That's the sort of person who would get two sidewall slash flats in their GF's car, hundreds of miles from home, because he was too busy admiring the beautiful machine on his kit car expert mates trailer in front of him.

Then discover that she has a perfect full sized spare, but doesn't have a wheel brace, and despite a kind geordie couple getting a wheel brace to him in 5 min, no amount of DIY plugs from the wrecked tyres and tins of tyre-weld will sort out a couple 15mm-ish long sidewall slash. That sort of idiot would then have to drive his brand new stylus (which he'd never even sat in because expert mate was making the decision while I was social distancing as isolating GF living in the house) and put his GF's car on his mates trailer which was very much a bike engine Fury type trailer, not a 1200kg lardy Fabia.

This idiot would not remotely fit in the styluys as set up for the previous owner, but worse than that, would witness the biggest 65+mph trailer fish tail possible without actualy flipping the trailer, and maybe the tow car.

On a completely unrelated note - Hi Adi! Thanks for the link, more resources, sweet.

I'll get in on that JPSC club forum too, ta.

An MX5 unit would be rather fun now that I realise it would go in with the gearbox. I loved the box (and motor) in my mk1, 5 ish years back. Lovely little thing. I also recall something about turbocharging... I may be losing my mind again though. I rather like how I have a simple vertical gear stick thuogh, so I'd have to check about where the MX5 one would fit. I'd imagine being desisgned RWD it'd be a similar spot.

Zetecs, I suspect, are a dime a dozen 'round here, no oval tracks I know of anywhere close, plenty of crashed or rusty old focuses (foci?) sat in scrapyards.

The st170 does have some appeal if it'd bolt up to the box without mods, but then I wouldn't end up with the lovely MX5 'box.

Food for thought, many thanks, denizens locostbuilder forum.

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posted on 13/7/20 at 09:40 PM Reply With Quote
You can buy an adapter to bolt up the mk3 mx5 box to the Zetec just like an Rx8 except nicer quality
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posted on 14/7/20 at 12:16 AM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by big_wasa
You can buy an adapter to bolt up the mk3 mx5 box to the Zetec just like an Rx8 except nicer quality

Cool! But I think I'd rather just have the whole MX5 package

No clutch faff, just ask for an MX5 clutch... MASSIVE aftermarket scene for go-fast bits and bobs (like turbos, headers, etc etc) and until the turbo day came, a 1600 MX5 motor on 4x bike carbs would be a wonderful power/chassis combo for the car, and the bike carbs giving me something to tinker with.

Plus everyone and their dog has a zetec on webers. I know mx5 motors in these things aren't exactly rare, but i'd be nice to have that revvy little thing back in my life. I miss that car. Full throttle thrashing it everywhere, can't do that in my (being prepped for sale to pay for the stylus) S2000. Death would follow soon after. Obviously I'd LOVE to stick the S2k motor and box in there, but it's worth rather a bit more with an engine!!

I think that's my decision made. MX5 motor and box.

Adi, you were so right all this time

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